Check out the communique given to the principals below. It is about unpacking the performance excellence model for our district.

Unpacking the model for performance excellence will help build understanding of the components of continuous improvement. Each of these categories influences the other and they all work together to move our district to get results.There are 7 categories: Leadership, Strategic Planning, Customer focus, Data and Measurement, Workforce, Process Management and Getting Results. The categories and questions are established by the Nat'l Institute of Standards of Technology

Leadership describes the way leaders set the tone and use feedback from students, staff, and parents to transform stakeholders’ needs into a viable and motivating strategic plan that informs employees about how to reach goals. Consider these questions while you are planning:
1) How do you set your building values and vision?
2) How do you promote ethical behavior and assure ethical behavior in all your interactions?
3) How do you evaluate your performance and how does staff have input in evaluating your performance?