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Overton's Quality Blog: originally published October 5, 2010 at http://thompsonblogs.org/overtonqpd/2010/10/05/cpex-site-visit-pondering/

articipating in a quality experience like CPEx Foothills site visit is humbling, challenging, engaging and energizing! I cannot believe how much planning everyone did from reviewing documents, providing feedback, planning the category reviews, reading documents, writing categories, rewriting categories, reading…did I say reading already? It is a comprehensive process learning about who we are as an organization and how we operate collaboratively (or do we), interdependently (or in silos), with everyone in mind (or simply blasting forward with no regard).
What I appreciate the most from the whole process is the honesty that came forward from our staff involved. This is about continuously getting better and looking at who we are as an organization-the good, the bad, and the ugly. Throughout this process, I asked people to be honest about our work, about where we are, and about what we do. The honesty was tough sometimes because I wanted it to be perfect. I want us all to see the big picture of how we use PDCA (or not). I know that everyone does some part of continuous improvement and we can do better about doing it systemically. The CPEx exam team talked about how they heard more frank conversation now than from any site they have visited before. This comment from them warmed my heart. It was what I expected and hoped for. I wait with anticipation for our feedback report.
Imagine what we can do with the ideas and comments they provide. Of course, they will not be prescriptive in their answers; they understand that we must travel this road on our own. So I invite any and all TSD and community to participate in a conversation about the data we receive. Can we see outside the box of “we have always done it this way.” What steps are we willing to take to take our district to the next level: to be a high performing school district?

Quality Performance Department!

Thank you for your interest in Quality Performance! This department was created to provide leadership and maintain systems alignment projects and to help build a culture of continuous improvement. Our Frequently Asked questions document is on a link below. Please see the link FAQ for more information especially written for TSD employees who asked questions of QPD.

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Above is the QPD team.

TSD is proud of the work TSD staff did to complete the Foothills application. Over 40 people participated in the work from classified staff, teachers, and administrators.Check out the pictures below!

The feedback we received from our site visit is especially exciting. This work comes from a team of examiners who volunteer their time to read, reflect and write comments about the work of TSD. They came to visit us on September 15-17th, 2010. Did we have our work cut our for us!